Why me? varför händer det mig

I wrote a short book about my parents survival from concentrationcamps as they wanted me to do that. My mom already told me the stories when I was only four years old. I am also writing short about my life until I am about thirty years old.

I wrote this book to support the second generation to parents that survived the concentration camps. So little is helping us and the fear we had from our parents.

This book  is also about how fragile a little ortodox jewish girl is by her father and later her husband. She can not initiate a divorce and the rabbinate decides over her life and even your body. Please sisters don´t marry the ortodox way as I did.This is year 2015 now and things should change to be better.

This is also important for me that this is not encourage antisemitism more. Even if I and my son was very hurted by our own group in Stockholm.I wrote this book in a pseudonym name as I was so hurted already. Thank you. Copyrighted information. No text or picture can be copied. PL. See also www.piaalife.se and benjileb.simplesite.com